TIBCO Statistica™ Ultimate Academic Bundle

Exclusive academic discounts on Statistica for students and faculty

TIBCO Statistica™ is an advanced analytics tool that provides a no-code environment. And for those who code... Statistica also supports R, Python and C# code.

Ultimate Academic Bundle

The TIBCO Statistica™ Ultimate Academic Bundle offers a combination of data analysis, data management, visualization, data mining, and exploratory techniques. Product includes analytics within the Basic Academic Bundle (description below) plus analytics like industrial statistics, boosted trees, random forests, neural networks, machine learning, text mining, association rules, link analysis, general classification and regression tress (C&RT), general CHAID models, feature selection and others.

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Basic Academic Bundle

The TIBCO Statistica™ Basic Academic Bundle offers a collection of analytic methods and integrated graphics perfect for the introductory statistics course in an easy-to-use package. If you know how to use Excel you will have no problems using Statistica. Product includes analytics like basic statistics, multiple regression, ANOVA, nonparametrics, distribution fitting, general linear models, generalized linear/nonlinear models, logistic regression, general regression models, Cox proportional hazards, variance components, time series, log-linear, survival, simple clustering, general discriminant analysis and others.

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Students and faculty can receive TIBCO Statistica™, academic discounted, exclusively from OnTheHub.