Parallels Desktop 14 for Mac and Parallels Access Bundle

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With the new Parallels Desktop 14 for Mac and Parallels Access, you can seamlessly use Windows on your Mac. With great new features, the Parallels bundle lets you access all your files from any computer or mobile device.

Just $39.99 USD/year for students, faculty and staff in select countries.

Perform Dozens of Essential Tasks on Your Mac

Included with Parallels Desktop for Mac, Parallels Toolbox for Mac provides dozens of one-click tools to help you perform daily tasks quickly and efficiently. Take screenshots, secure private files with a password, convert Facebook or YouTube videos, and much more. From Mac newcomers to the Mac Pro, everyone will enjoy this collection of well-designed tools and utilities.

Parallels Toolbox for Mac

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Easily Switch from PC to Mac

Parallels makes it easy to bring all your files, applications, browser bookmarks, and more from your PC to your Mac with the setup assistant.

  • Lightning fast

    Lightning Fast

    Windows applications run effortlessly without slowing down your Mac, and Microsoft® Office is faster than ever.

  • Use Windows applications with ease

    Use Windows Apps with Ease

    Launch Windows apps from the Dock, use Mac gestures in Windows, and copy & paste and drag & drop between Windows and Mac applications.

  • Best of Both Worlds

    Best of Both Worlds

    Run Windows® 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows XP, and more side by side with macOS®.

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Parallels Desktop for Mac

Use Mac and Windows together – no rebooting required!

You can have it all with Parallels Desktop. Unlike Boot Camp, you can seamlessly switch between Windows and Mac without ever needing to reboot. Save time, boost productivity, and work like a pro with Parallels Desktop.

Windows 10 and Parallels Desktop 14

Get Windows 10 Education on your Mac at No Cost

Windows and Parallels are the perfect pair. With more features than Home or Pro, Windows 10 Education is Microsoft's most robust version — and students get it at no cost. See if your school offers this deal.

Windows 10 and Parallels Desktop 14
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