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Windows 10 Education Boxshot

Windows 10 Education for Students

150 150 Adam Januszkiewicz

Do your best work with tools that drive collaboration and bosot productivity.

Norton Security Deluxe Boxshot

Norton Security Deluxe (1 year, 3 devices)

150 150 Elizabeth MacDougall

Norton Security Deluxe – Norton’s best protection for up to 3 PCs, Macs, Androids and…

Wolfram Alpha Pro

Wolfram Alpha Pro

150 150 Jason Tran

Professional-grade computational knowledge for everyone. Wolfram Alpha Pro is the tool you need to stay…

Acronis True Image 2020 Boxshot

Acronis True Image 2020

150 150 Elizabeth MacDougall

Back up everything – including operating systems, applications, photos, and more.

Parallels Desktop 15 for Mac Boxshot

Parallels Desktop 15 for Mac (1-year)

150 150 Adam Januszkiewicz

Run Windows applications on a Mac with Parallels Desktop — without rebooting.

Minitab 18 Boxshot

Minitab 19 for PC and Mac

150 150 Elizabeth MacDougall

Minitab 19 includes all the statistics and graphs needed for beginning through advanced courses within…

SPSS Statistics 26 Boxshot

IBM SPSS Statistics 26

150 150 Ken Chase

Explore data, predict trends, solve research problems, and more.

Office Professional Plus 2019 Boxshot

Office Professional Plus 2019 for Students

150 150 Elizabeth MacDougall

Work on new, modern versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook.