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Evolution of Windows


Windows 1.0

Windows 1

Why "Windows"?

Windows was almost called “Interface Manager”. However, "Windows" better described the look of the
programs on the screen.

The desk goes digital

Windows 1.0 shipped with: Paint, Windows Writer, Notepad, Calculator, a calendar, clock, and Reversi.


Windows 3.0

Windows 3

More games!

Windows 3.0 added more fun
to the PC by including Solitaire,
Hearts and Minesweeper.

More colours!

Windows 3.0 supported 16 colors, up from the 6 included in Windows 1.0.


Windows 95

Windows 95

Windows as
we know it

The beloved Start Menu, Task bar, and Windows Explorer
arrived in Windows 95.

Surfin’ the net

Internet Explorer was released in expansions and later releases of Windows 95.

Super sound

Brian Eno was paid $35,000 to compose the start-up sound.
The piece had to fit 150
adjectives…in 3.8 seconds.


Windows 98

Windows 98 Windows 98 Windows 98 Windows 98

made easy

Windows 98 added support for both DVDs and USB devices, such as mice, keyboards, and fax machines.

Quick Launch

The Quick Launch made its debut, letting you run programs without the Start menu.


Windows XP

Windows XP


Windows XP Actually stands for 'experience'.

Lookin’ good, Luna

Windows XP’s Luna theme was a dramatic change from the look introduced in Windows 95.


Windows Vista

Windows Vista

Flippin’ awesome

Windows Flip 3D lets users cycle between all their open windows.

Playing it safe

On release, Windows Vista became the most secure operating system
of its time.


Windows 7

Windows 7

Powerful task bar

The new enhanced Windows 7 taskbar includes Jump Lists,
Pinning and Live previews.

A fun,
friendly interface

Snap, Peek and Shake features make interacting with Windows
fun and easy.


Windows 8

Windows 8

See what's in store

In Windows 8, Microsoft introduced the Windows Store, with over 200, 000 apps for Windows devices.

In touch with tablets

Windows 8 was designed to be used easily with touch or traditional mouse and keyboard


Windows 10

Windows 98

Hi! How can I help?

Ask me anything




Meet Cortana

Cortana, named after the Halo character is the smart digital assistant on your Windows desktop and phone.

Start Menu

The Windows Start menu
is back & better than ever!

Cutting edge

Microsoft’s new Edge browser features a reading mode, annotations, touch compatibility,
& more.