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Since the arrival of iOS and iPhones, Android apps haven’t been given nearly the amount of attention they deserve. It’s true, iOS apps are beautiful and functional, but Android users have access to great apps as well, and plenty of them. Especially with Google Nexus and soon Android Silver, Android isn’t going away any time soon.

With that being said, we wanted to highlight some of the best apps we’ve come across. From personal financing to beautiful calendar apps, here are the top 10 Android apps for college students.

1. Tasker

From settings to messaging, Tasker offers total automation on your smart phone. Essentially a programming tool, this Android app lets you set your own triggers based on your environment. Tasker can detect when you’re at the library, for instance, and enable or disable certain settings on your phone so it adapts to where you are. It can launch apps automatically and perform actions with those apps.


Yes, this app sounds like a miracle but it is for the more advanced smartphone users. For those who like a challenge, Tasker is not only fun to play with but one of the most powerful tools for Android. Head over to their website to download a free 7-day trial.

Download Tasker

2. Mint

Dollar tacos or prime rib? There are many different ways to saving money in college, but with Mint financial decisions just got much easier. One of the best financial management apps we’ve come across, Mint keeps track of your budgeting while you’re on the go. View up-to-date information about your accounts, check your budgets, and edit transactions information right on the app.


Worried about your personal information? The Mint app is password protected, so if you happen to lose your phone, no one will be able to see how much you make or what you spent (or didn’t spend) on textbooks.

Download Mint

3. Studious

With Studious, forgetting assignments will be a thing of the past. This simple Android app reminds you when tests are coming up and when assignments are due. One of the most unique features of Studious is its ability to automatically silence your phone in class – right as you walk through the door. To set this up, all you need to do is import your class locations.


Download Studious

4. SlideShare

Recently acquired by LinkedIn, the presentation-hosting platform has finally delivered a mobile Android app. But instead of creating or uploading new files, the app revolves around viewing, sharing, and saving for offline access. With SlideShare you can view presentations whether you’re commuting, in class, or at the gym.


Download SlideShare

5. WolframAlpha

“Remember the Star Trek computer? It’s finally happening – with Wolfram Alpha”. Unlike a traditional search engine though, Wolfram Alpha doesn’t search the Web for results but relies on its own curated knowledge base – compiled from specific data sources and its computational ability – to compute answers and generate reports instantly. With topics ranging from matrices and astrophysics to stock data and social statistics, WolframAlpha is a must-have Android app and natural companion for every student.


Download WolframAlpha


Android is known to be less beautiful when compared to the almighty iOS. But apps like CALCU are a perfect example of why we need to rethink Android apps.


Although the idea of a new calculator app might not exactly excite you, CALCU is worthwhile to check out simply for its slick design. Aside from the aesthetics, this calculator app also includes scientific functions and a calculation history. Who says an app can’t be beautiful and functional?

Download CALCU

7. Coursera

Coursera connects students, professionals, and lifelong learners everywhere with free online courses from over 100 global universities and educational institutions, including Stanford and Yale. Browse courses and watch lectures from the best instructors anytime and anywhere – whether you’re interested in cuisine or computer science.


Download Coursera

8. Sunrise

Super popular calendar app Sunrise is finally made available to Android users this month. Offering a clean and minimalistic design, Sunrise really stands out from all the other calendar apps. Notably, it also integrates with third-party services like Facebook, LinkedIn and Foursquare. And you’ll be happy to know that Android users get to decorate their smart phones with a Sunrise homescreen widget. In case your phone isn’t attached to you at all times, Sunrise has also launched a version for desktop Web browsers.


Download Sunrise


We’ve already professed our love for IFTTT (If This Then That) so we couldn’t pass up the great IFTTT Android app. In case you haven’t heard, IFTTT lets you create powerful connections with one simple statement. For instance, if it rains, have IFTTT send you an e-mail a few hours earlier. Took a surprisingly professional photo on your smart phone? Let IFTTT automatically share it on your social accounts. And now with the Android app, you can create and manage all your recipes on-the-go.


Download IFTTT

10. Evernote

Rated as one of the Top 10 Must-Have Apps in New York Times, Evernote is a free app that helps you remember everything across all your devices. Stay organized and be productive, Evernote lets you take notes, capture photos, create to-do lists, and even record voice reminders. As of last month, Evernote released a new feature for its Android app: Handwriting. Finally, you can pick up your smart phone or tablet and quickly jot down notes with your finger or stylus.


You can also transform handwriting into other note types. if you want to add a chart or table to your notes, for example, you can go from typing to handwriting and then back to typing, making your notes that much more thorough and useful.

Download Evernote

Did we miss any other great Android apps for students? Let us know in the comments below!
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  • Swati Bhavsar

    A good article with rich information. I must say you have listed such an amazing apps which would be actually a very much helpful to the students to complete their study task. Thank you for sharing this rich informative article.

  • Kerri

    Well I cant say enough good things about the Study Bunny android app, for general student studying. This list is mostly apps with specific purposes but Study Bunny is great for time management and motivating you to keep studying when you dont feel like it and I really need this app to keep me on track otherwise I procrastinate.

  • Moses Brodin

    For Travel Plans, I don’t think you can beat TripIt – the sheer range of ticketing & reservation emails it can understand always astonishes me. Hotels, Trains, Planes & concerts – wouldn’t be without it. I love Evernote too.

  • sangam kr

    Students requirement for mobiles is more than the apps described above. They are looking for apps that solve many of their career and study issues. They are looking for lecture captures, revision of the subjects they already studied, timetable panners, exam preparation apps, personal safety apps to signal close friend in crisis and health check apps and time management apps too apart from apps described above. This added information is useful.

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