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Tips for Finding Your Way Around Campus

Tips for Finding Your Way Around Campus
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Learning your syllabus and class schedule is just part of what it takes to get ready for your first semester at college or university. You’ll also need to know where to go for your classes. This can be daunting at first, especially at large schools. But these tips should help get you there.

Don’t Skip Your Campus Map

Your welcome package should include a campus map. If it doesn’t, make sure to track one down asap.

Learn the map as well as you can. Keep it with you until you have your campus figured out. It can be your best friend when it comes to finding your way around.

Ask People Who Know

One of the best ways to learn to get around campus is by reaching out to someone that’s been in your shoes.

Upper-year students are usually pros at navigating campus, so make sure to take advantage of their knowledge. If your school has a mentor program, this can be a great way to connect with students who know the campus.

Use a Class Finder App

One of the best things about my first university was its class finder app. The app was incredibly useful and made navigating my campus so much easier.

Not all schools offer a class finder app. But it’s definitely worth checking with your Student Services department to find out if yours does.

Get Lost!

Let’s forget about finding your way around for a minute and talk about the value of getting lost from time to time.

When you have a break between classes, don’t be afraid to wander. Getting lost on campus can be the best way to find places you never would have otherwise – like a quiet study area, a great lunch spot, or a less-busy computer lab.

Look For Hidden Gems

Every campus has its urban legends, which can provide ideas for places to explore. Searching Reddit is a great way to find these stories. Reddit is called the front page of the internet for a reason, and almost every campus across North America has a dedicated subreddit with essential information for newbies on campus.

With these simple steps, soon you’ll be able to navigate anywhere on campus without a second thought. And once you know your way around, good grades will be just a step away.


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