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scite: a Powerful New Tool to Help Students with Research

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As a student, you must study and learn about many new topics in a short amount of time. You might be in class in the morning for molecular biology, followed by ethics in the afternoon, and then economics at night. Juggling such diverse topics can be a struggle, and it takes a lot of time and effort to do well on tests and assignments.

scite is a new tool to help students and researchers understand nearly any topic easier and in more depth and is now available on OnTheHub. scite has developed a system that analyzes millions of research articles, extracts short excerpts from them, and allows you to search them.

These excerpts, called citation statements, give scite users the ability to easily see what experts have said about nearly any topic, thus helping you easily digest many, many studies on topics that you need to learn about.

For example, say you have been assigned an essay on gentrification in Brooklyn, New York, specifically Williamsburg. Using scite, you can search Williamsburg rent rise and immediately find sources that document how much rent has changed over time in various parts of Williamsburg and what might be driving that.


What if I have been assigned a specific reading list for a class? Can scite help?

In addition to searching any topic using the scite Citation Statement Search, scite also makes it easy to see how specific articles or books have been cited by showing the citation context from citing articles in scite reports. scite reports allow you to see how many experts have mentioned a study in their writings so that you might learn from their interpretations and critiques, and identify supporting or contrasting evidence without having to open dozens or hundreds of papers.

For example, if you have to read and write an essay on the following article, you can use scite to help better understand the article by seeing how others have written about it:

Duarte, J. L., Crawford, J. T., Stern, C., Haidt, J., Jussim, L., & Tetlock, P. E. (2015). Political diversity will improve social psychological science. Behavioral and Brain Sciences, 38. doi:10.1017/S0140525X14000430

Looking at the scite report for this article, you can immediately see that related works support this paper, which you can cite in your essay and read to understand the topic better.

scite- a Powerful New Tool to Help Students with Research

Additionally, you can filter to see who has cited the study in the discussion section of their paper and what they have said, thus utilizing the expertise of published authors to inform your own writing better.

scite- a Powerful New Tool to Help Students with Research-2

scite has been described by some students as “magic,” and many others worldwide have expressed how helpful scite has been for their work. You can access scite with the student discount by purchasing a license directly on OnTheHub.


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