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Make Your Summer Photography Pop – Part One

how to make your photos pop
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You don’t need a professional camera to create perfectly Instagram-able images. Use these tips to get the best out of your summer photo shoots. Here are the absolute basic steps for great summer photography.

Before You Leave Home

Before you get ready to leave, take a good look at your setup. Is your lens clean? Give it a good wipe with a microfibre cloth and consider investing in a camera lens cleaner. Make sure not to use eyeglass cleaner, as it could damage your phone.

When your lens is ready to go, play with your settings. Things like exposure will need to be readjusted depending on your subject matter, but you can make sure you have the photo grid up. It’ll be important once we get into composition.

When to Go Out

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of photography, so plan ahead. The best time to take photos is during “golden hour”. This is a twenty- to thirty-minute period right after sunrise or before sunset. Keep an eye out for the golden tinge of the skyline and a similarity between the intensity of streetlights and the sun.

Golden hour is a great time to take photos, but you shouldn’t shy away from bad weather. Gloomy summer skies are captivating subject matter, and rain can create unique and powerful photography. Remember to always keep safety in mind when taking bad-weather photography.

When You’re in the Field

It can be overwhelming to navigate all the potential subject matter. Here are a couple tips for lining up your shot.

Consider background and foreground.

A defined subject against a striking backdrop is a fantastic way to create an image that pops. Live near a beach? Take a photo of a friend in the foreground with a wave in the background. You’re sure to get a great image out of it.

Try different perspectives.

It’s our instinct to take photos dead on, but remember that there are other options! Try getting low to the ground and shooting upwards or standing on your toes and taking the photo from above. Circle your subject. You never know where the best angle is hiding.

Use Composition

Remember setting up your grid? Now is the time to use it! Try aiming your camera so your subject is positioned between one of the crosshairs. This is one of the most used photography tricks in the industry. Another option is to use symmetry. Position your subject directly in the middle of your shot. These are two of the most basic options for composition. There are other more complex options, but for now these will get you started.

You’ve Taken Your Photos. Now What?

After a long day of capturing your summer, you may be ready to pack it in, but there’s still one last step. Post-production is the art of editing your images to realty make them pop.

Aurora HDR is a fantastic program to make your photos look as good as the pros. It’s easy to use – you can have awe-inspiring photos in just a few clicks! Find Aurora HDR at OnTheHub by Kivuto.

Now you know the absolute basics of summer photography. Stay tuned for Part Two, where we’ll go more in depth and provide tips and tricks to make your photography pop.


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