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Are students becoming easy targets for hackers?

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Being a student isn’t easy—we’re always on the move. Sometimes we head straight from class to the library to meet classmates, at other times we go to a café for a coffee and a more relaxed place to work. However, this lifestyle may be putting us at a much higher risk of data theft and hacking compared to those who work on a secure home network. So what does this mean? Basically, all students should take these simple extra security steps to counter the increasing challenges we face.

Unprotected Wi-Fi networks

If you use a Wi-Fi network that other people have access to, your data may be available to others who may be using the network at the same time as you. Luckily there is a simple solution—Virtual Private Network. This may sound scary and complicated, but before you call up your dorm's resident technology assistant, consider a simple one-click-on-and-off VPN solution. When in doubt, just turn it on and BOOM! Your connection will have end-to-end encryption. This VPN connection not only stops your data from being visible to those around you, but it also stops internet companies and advertisers from tracking your data. Imagine throwing on the invisibility cloak from Harry Potter when you want online privacy; hackers won't be able to see you, and neither will the advertisers.

Online accounts and data sharing

As a student it’s almost impossible to not surrender your data online. From music streaming to large file sharing websites, these services take our data (email address, passwords, and birth dates) and in return they provide us with cool and useful services. The problem is security lapses can allow this data to escape and can give hackers a powerful weapon to target you and your online accounts. This data can be released by disgruntled employees, hackers, or even when a company just fails to follow basic data security protocols. Luckily, you can be alerted immediately when your data is released, giving you time to secure your online accounts. Get data breach alerts for all your email addresses so you can be alerted instantly when your email accounts are detected in online data breaches.

Advertisement tracking

Did you know that those annoying online ads are tracking your online habits? For maximum productivity and privacy, it’s a good idea to install an adblocker. This can both protect your privacy and stop annoying internet ads on your favorite videos and websites.

Antivirus and adware

Be protected from the many different kinds of malware and viruses with real-time protection. Students really should consider protection for all the important information they keep on their Macs, as viruses have been proven to penetrate Mac’s built-in malware protection. If you’re concerned about having to find different apps that offer these different protection features, you don’t have to be. MacKeeper offers multilayered protection which can do all of these things in just a few clicks. It can also help you get gigabytes of storage space back by cleaning space consuming junk off your Mac. This can help you avoid many frustrating situations, such as when you want to put photos or apps on your Mac only to discover that the harddisk is already full.


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