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A Rundown on Adobe Creative Cloud (By a Student, for Students) – Part Three: InDesign

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Starting out with Adobe Creative Cloud can be challenging to say the least. Figuring out which program to use and all of their capabilities can take a while. That’s why we made this guide! In the last two posts, we talked about Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. Now it’s time to tackle Adobe InDesign.

InDesign is a publishing software with an endless number of uses. You can design anything from a quick flyer to a 300-page novel. Here we’ll go over some of the highlights of the program.

Single-Page Documents

While Illustrator may be your first thought for flyer, brochure, and infographic design, it’s worth considering InDesign as well. InDesign is much better at handling body text than Illustrator. It also has a much more intuitive gradient tool to add some extra oomph to your designs.

InDesign features a wonderful grid system that you choose during the document setup process. These grids are the foundation of almost every design you see in print. Use multiples of three to create visually appealing designs.

Multi-Page Documents

InDesign truly shines in multi-page document design. If you’re in a graphic design program, you may be interested in creating brand guidelines. InDesign is going to be your software of choice. The program’s paragraph styles will be your best friend while making multi-page documents. Set your parameters (font, font-size, line-spacing), and apply it to any test with just a couple of clicks.

Another amazing feature of InDesign is master pages. Master pages allow you to set formats for different sections of the document by editing one single page, which you can then apply anywhere you want that formatting to appear. This is especially useful for creating title pages.

This guide by no means explains all the subtleties and nuances of InDesign, but it should give you a pretty good start. Learn more about Adobe Creative Cloud in our next blog post on Premier Pro and After Effects.

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