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A Rundown on Adobe Creative Cloud (By a Student, for Students) – Part Two: Illustrator

A Rundown on Adobe Creative Cloud- illustrator
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New to Adobe Creative Cloud and looking for some guidance? This series will give you a rundown on what the essential programs are capable of. Head over to our first blog to learn about Adobe Photoshop! Here, we’ll talk about Adobe Illustrator.

Illustrator is well named. It is primarily an illustration software used for graphic design and digital art. Here we’ll run through the basic uses of Adobe Illustrator.

Graphic Design.

In the world of graphic design, Illustrator is going to be your first line of offense. From logo design to intricate posters – Illustrator has got you covered. Illustrator features a pen tool designed to create any shape you can dream of. It can take a little getting used to, but once you’ve got it down, you’re ready to move on to fonts. Creative Cloud provides access to thousands of fonts ready for your use.

Illustrator has a wide variety of tools for editing text – including the ability to break them apart and move the individual letters, which is crucial to logo design. Like Photoshop, Illustrator features layering to keep your documents organized. These are some of the hundreds of tools that are yours to explore.

Digital Art

Similarly to Photoshop, Illustrator features a wide variety of brushes for all of your artistic needs. That being said, the Pen tool is still going to be your main ally in all of your designs.

Once you’ve created a shape, the pen tool allows you to easily fill it using the Fill and Stroke tools. Unlike Photoshop, where a paint bucket tool is necessary, Illustrator allows you to create beautiful color combinations and borders with the built-in tools. Aside from the Pen, the sidebar features a variety of options to bring your art to life. Toy with these to get the most out of the program!

Ready to try for yourself? You can get Adobe Creative Cloud for over 60% off at OnTheHub.com! Stay tuned for Part Three of this series, where we’ll look at Adobe InDesign.


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