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9 Must-Have Mac Apps for Students

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It’s no secret that being a student is a full-time job. And just like any job, the right tools can make a world of difference. Studying, writing papers, doing research, and even managing a budget – everything can benefit from having that perfect toolkit. That’s why we want to introduce Setapp, a curated selection of over 130 Mac apps all available in one subscription.

We’ve put together some of our favorite apps from Setapp that are sure to help any student breeze through school. From personal financing to the perfect study companion, here are 9 must-have Mac apps for students everywhere.

1.   Ulysses

Setapp App - Ulysses Text Document

No matter what you major in, at some point you’re going to have to write a paper. Ulysses is here for when that day comes. A full-fledged writing tool with powerful features, Ulysses still manages to stay completely out of your way when you write. Focus on getting those words down in a no-distraction workspace and track your progress with built-in writing goals. Tired of saving every time you write a new line? Ulysses auto-saves your writing and keeps backups of all your work, so you can rest easy knowing your semester-long (or last-minute) project is safe.

2.   Studies

Every student needs that perfect study companion. Studies is that buddy. No matter which subject you’re prepping for, Studies is here with powerful study notes, a handy learning schedule, and informative stats and predictions. Sharpen your skills with next-level notes and flashcards, complete with text, pictures, audio, and even video. The best thing? It’s all organized and easy to find in Studies’ clean and comfortable app. Goodbye scattered study notes, hello Studies.

3.   CleanMyMac X

How long have you had your Mac? We get it, new Macs are expensive, and the last thing you need are more expenses. That’s why CleanMyMac X is a student life-saver. Remove malware, monitor performance, and clean up junk files like broken downloads, outdated caches, and useless clutter. CleanMyMac X makes your Mac as good as new, saving you tons of time and money. It’ll be your Mac’s new best friend!

4.   MoneyWiz

Setapp App - MoneyWiz Interface with Bar Charts

Speaking of saving money, MoneyWiz is an absolute student necessity. You’ve got lots going on – projects, reports, exams – you don’t need another thing to stress about. MoneyWiz helps you build healthier spending habits and removes the stress of money management. Get reminders on bill payments, sync up your bank accounts, and know exactly how much spending money you’ve got with automated forecasts and budgets. MoneyWiz does it all. Bills, loans, rent due dates? MoneyWiz has got that covered. Assignment due dates… well, that one’s on you.

5.   iThoughtsX

iThoughtsX is a simple mind-mapping app that packs a punch. Brainstorming, mind maps, and workflow diagrams – iThoughtsX has all of it and more. For students, the potential is nearly endless. Add images, icons, colors, and shapes to visualize your thoughts the way that works best for you. Need to add your map to a presentation, business plan, or website? No problem. iThoughtsX exports to a variety of formats, including PowerPoint, Word, and even HTML.

6.   Mate Translate

So you took that language elective that turned out to be just a little more difficult than you expected. Thank goodness there’s Mate Translate. Stop wasting time opening translator apps or navigating to translation websites. Mate is your all-in-one instant translator, with the ability to translate text and speech into 100 different languages. Mate lives in your Mac’s context menu and menu bar, so it’s always right by your side. Make your language elective as easy as you expected with Mate Translate.

7.   Prizmo

Setapp App - Prizmo Recognizing Text From PowerPoint PDF

“I’ll just take a picture of it.” We’ve all been there. And we’ve all spent agonizing hours squinting at that image of a friend’s textbook or professor’s lecture slide. Enter Prizmo. Prizmo is the best app out there for scanning images and coming away with clear, crisp text. It can recognize over 23 languages, and it works with photos, scanned PDFs, screenshots, and more. Get perfect notes from every lecture with Prizmo. All you need to do is snap a pic.

8.   Noizio

If you’re looking for new ways to block out distractions, look no further than Noizio. This sweet audio app provides ambient music and chill sound effects, effectively shutting out distractions so you can focus on that upcoming assignment or test. Mix and match between a whole library of sounds, including coffee house, thunderstorm, campfire, deep space, and more. Set the perfect atmosphere with Noizio, and then get work done.

9.   Manuscripts

Manuscripts knows how tedious and time-consuming academic writing can be. That’s why it handles all the hard work for you. Insert tables, figures, equations, and citations in only a few clicks, and start the whole thing off with a ready-made template. Let Manuscripts guide your through lab reports, research articles, essays, and more. Never fear the blank page with Manuscripts. That assignment won’t write itself, but with Manuscripts it’ll be several steps closer to completion.

The Best Part

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