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5 Ways Parallels Desktop 15 Enhances Your Mac

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Parallels Desktop for Mac is the top-rated application for Mac users who want to have it all. By running Windows on Mac devices, it can effectively double the functionality of your computer.

With Parallels Desktop 15, Parallels has doubled down on everything that makes the software great. Over 50 new features have been introduced. Graphics and performance have been improved. It runs faster, comes with more add-ons, and supports more software and technologies than previous versions. And for the first time ever, it’s being offered as an annual subscription.

Instead of going through the full list of changes, let’s focus on the biggest and best for students. Here are five reasons to broaden your Mac’s horizons with Parallels Desktop 15.

More Software

Parallels Desktop Mojave in normal and dark mode

Two decades spent making Windows work on macOS has made Parallels master of cross-compatibility. With Parallels Desktop 15, they’re introducing compatibility with more software than ever.

Parallels Desktop 15 offers full support for Mojave, the latest version of macOS. You can even use Mojave’s Dark Mode interface while working in Windows. The new application can also run more software than any of its predecessors. With support for over 200,000 titles in total, you’ll have a hard time finding a Windows application that Parallels Desktop 15 can’t handle.

More Hardware

Parallels Desktop 14 windows ink feature included

Parallels Desktop 15’s compatibility goes beyond software. It also opens up new ways to use hardware, peripheral devices, and other technologies.

Support for Microsoft Ink lets you use a digital pen to draw or write in Word, PowerPoint, Photoshop, and more. And if your Mac features a Touch Bar, that bar can be customized to enhance your experience on thousands of Windows applications. That’s right: this Mac-specific hardware feature now works with Windows software.

Lightning Fast

Parallels Desktop 14 speed performance

It’s great that Parallels Desktop 15 supports more programs than ever. What’s even better is that it runs them faster than ever, so you can do your work seamlessly without long launch and loading times.

The software launches four times faster than the previous version and requires less disk space, memory, and CPU usage to run. Windows and Windows applications load in less time and operate more smoothly thanks to improved graphic-memory allocation. Even demanding computer-assisted design and data-visualization software starts in a flash and runs like a dream with Parallels Desktop 15.

Smaller and Better

Parallels Desktop 14 settings free up space

When it comes to software, bigger is not always better. Some virtualization programs hog over 100GB of hard-drive space. Parallels Desktop 15, however, is as lean as it is mean.

The application itself is substantially smaller than previous versions. But the real space savings come from smaller and more effective virtual machines. All told, upgrading to Parallels Desktop 15 from Parallels Desktop 13 could free up as much as 20 GB on your Mac.

If that’s not enough, the Parallels bundle boasts tools to help you free up even more room. The Clean Drive tool identifies useless and duplicate files for you to delete. And the improved Free Up Disk Space Wizard offers tips to free up even more gigs on your hard drive. With all these space-saving features, Parallels Desktop 15 can take a lot of weight off your Mac’s shoulders.

Desktop, Access, and Toolbox Together

Parallels Access and Toolbox installers

A Parallels Desktop 15 subscription gets you much more than just Parallels Desktop. The software comes bundled with two other great titles from Parallels: Parallels Access and Parallels Toolbox.

With Access, you can remotely access your computer from any device with an Internet connection, so your files and applications are always at your fingertips. The Toolbox suite includes dozens of easy-to-use apps for performing day-to-day tasks with just a click or two. This includes taking screenshots, recording videos, uninstalling apps, entering the distraction-free “Presentation Mode,” and more. Of course, this is all in addition to Parallels Desktop itself – the top-rated software for running Windows on a Mac.

One low-cost subscription includes all three of these titles. It’s the perfect investment for anyone who wants to make their computer a Mac of all trades.

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