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Earlier this year, Microsoft OneNote finally launched for Mac. Both Mac and Windows versions have similar note-taking functionality while having very subtle visual differences.

There’s still some goods news for Windows users though. Microsoft also announced that OneNote is going completely free, meaning that the service is available at no charge across PC, Mac, Windows Phone, iOS, Android, and the web. On top of that, a bunch of new features have been released for OneNote which means note-taking for students just got a whole lot easier.

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What’s all the hype about?

OneNote is basically your go-to note-taking app, your digital notebook, and could even be your best friend. All your notes are organized into beautifully colored tabs so you’re always organized.

If you ever need to recall your notes, OneNote has an incredible functionality, you can even search for text within images and videos. Not to mention that it also reads your handwriting if you sync your physical notes (yeah, you can do that too!).

➤ 10 Tips to Unlock the Potential of Microsoft OneNote

When it comes to taking notes, you can embed anything into the pages including audio, video, and images all by dragging and dropping. The page layout is endless so, unlike Microsoft Word, you’re not constricted to a linear page layout. If you want to learn more, we cover a bunch of tips on using OneNote like a pro on this post.

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Here are some of the new features that come with Microsoft OneNote:

1. Automate OneNote with IFTTT

Along with the announcement of free Microsoft OneNote, IFTTT also introduced a channel dedicated to OneNote. In case you haven’t heard, IFTTT lets you create powerful connections with one simple statement. This channel lets you create new pages, archive images, and save links for reading later. Now you can send your favorite tweets to OneNote, create pages in OneNote from a text message, send articles from New York Times, and so much more – the recipes are endless!

2. Save webpages for offline viewing with OneNote Clipper

OneNote’s new web clipper bookmarklet lets you instantly save whatever your viewing into your notebooks. This feature works across multiple browsers including Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

3. Send articles to OneNote with RSS and blog aggregators

If you’re already using RSS and blog aggregators like Feedly, News360, or Weave, you’ll be happy to know that OneNote is now integrated to help you work smarter, better and more efficiently. The next time you see a blog post or an article you want to save, read later, or source for a paper, OneNote makes it easy to store everything you need. Also, keep in mind that from now until April 17, Microsoft is sponsoring this feature on feedly which means it’ll be free for everyone for the next month.

4. Use a Livescribe Smartpen to write notes and send them to OneNote

Near the same time Microsoft announced that OneNote was going free, Livescribe also announced a collaboration which will see its newest smartpen integrate with OneNote. Now you can write notes and they’ll be sent straight to OneNote – this works for drawings and doodles too! Better yet, once your amazing ideas show up in OneNote, they can also be synced across multiple devices with OneDrive.

5. Scan notes and other documents with Genius Scan and JotNot

Apps Genius Scan and JotNot have teamed up with Microsoft to integrate with OneNote. This means that you can capture and save your documents to your Microsoft OneNote notebooks with your smartphone. Gotta send notes to a friend? No more rental textbooks at the library? Simply snap and scan with these handy apps.

6. E-mail yourself notes by sending them to me@onenote.com

One handy new feature of OneNote is the ability to forward messages and web links to your OneNote.com address. This will automagically save your notes into OneNote, just another way OneNote makes note-taking fast and easy.

7. Use OfficeLens to capture documents and whiteboards

The new Office Lens camera app basically functions as a scanner for OneNote, complete with optical character recognition technology good for capturing handwritten notes, paper documents, and even whiteboards. Unfortunately, this app is only available for Windows Phones.

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