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Cloud skills are required for virtually any career in today's global marketplace. Get hands-on access to the industry's most open standards-based cloud platforms and technologies.

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Get cloud access to Bluemix, Power Systems, and z Systems.

Learn how to develop and optimize cloud apps with Bluemix.

Access educator guide for IBM Cloud here.


IBM Watson is a technology platform that uses natural language processing and machine learning to reveal insights from large amounts of unstructured data. Watson can extract key information from documents, reveal insights and patterns in data, and more.

Cloud Access


Get cloud access to Watson on IBM Bluemix.

Download IBM Watson Explorer to gain insights from data you care about.

Access educator guide for IBM Watson here.


IBM's Internet of Things Platform Starter lets students securely connect their devices to the cloud to build and deploy IoT apps with analytics and cognitive computing capabilities.

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Create IoT apps with the Watson IoT Platform on IBM Bluemix.

Learn the fundamentals of modeling for systems engineers.

Download IBM Rational, an integrated design, modeling and development suite.

Access educator guide for IBM IoT here.

Data & Analytics

IBM's complete portfolio of analytics solutions enables students to engage with data to answer the toughest business questions, uncover patterns, and pursue breakthrough ideas.

Cloud Access



Get cloud access to Spark, Cloudant, and DataWorks on IBM Bluemix.

Learn about HADOOP, Predictive Modelling, Data Mining, and more.

Get access to SPSS, BigInsights, Cognos, Data Studio, DB2, and more.

Access educator guide for IBM Data & Analytics here.


In today's world, there are serious security threats that must be addressed head-on. IBM Security delivers an advanced system of protection with analytics to help you monitor your data.



Learn security fundamentals, cryptography, social media security, and more.

Download IBM Guardian, the IBM Security Suite, and more.

Access educator guide for IBM Security here.


Blockchain has emerged as a disruptive way to conduct transactions within trusted networks. As companies in many industries are looking to start and join networks, demand for blockchain skills has far exceeded supply.

Cloud Access


Get access to the IBM Blockchain cloud sandbox and services on Bluemix.

Understand the fundamentals of the Blockchain model and explore this hot technical frontier.

Access educator guide for IBM Blockchain here.

z Systems

IBM z Systems enables you to create outstanding customer experiences. Leverage mobile, analytics, cloud, and data protection for great user benefits.

Cloud Access


Get cloud access to IBM z Systems Academic Cloud.

Learn about mainframes, security, operating systems, and more.

Access educator guide for IBM z Systems here.

Power Systems

Power Systems are used in today's marketplace across all industries, providing companies with a single, energy-efficient, and easy way to deploy a platform for AIX, IBM i, and Linux. Power server architecture analyzes big data for patterns to give you new insights.

Cloud Access



Get access to IBM Power Systems Academic Cloud.

Learn AIX, IBM i and Linux on Power skills and more.

Download IBM Rational Developer to create applications on IBM i systems.

Access educator guide for IBM Power Systems here.


Optimize your marketing, sales, and value chain devices using IBM Commerce solutions. Know what users want before they do to increase their customer satisfaction and loyalty to you.



Learn how IBM can be used for Business Process Management.

Download IBM Sterling Order Management and more.

Access educator guide for IBM Commerce here.


Mobile apps have fundamentally changed the way we live and work, creating many opportunities that you can take advantage of through IBM's mobile resources. Learn and build the next wave.



Learn how to code HTML5 and JavaScript for mobile apps.

Download software including IBM Rational and IBM Workright suite.

Access educator guide for IBM Mobile here.

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